Monday, April 17, 2006

Journal No.6

At last, I have posted up my Final Excersize.
Unlike my 1st excersize of Asakusa.
I intensionally didn't put explanations for each picture, to make my presentation more interesting.

*Meaning* I didn't want to give it away!

Therefore, I did put a brief summay of what my excersize is going to be, and I have made my pictures understandable (like a path) for the viewers to get an image of what I want to show, even if they don't have any texts (explanations) to guide them.

In addition, I have uploaded some of my private pictures of place and things related to Japan. Therefore, I hope it interests others and influnce them or you in someway.

I really enjoyed this class and all this reasearching, and believe that it was a valuable experience for me.

Well, wich me luck for my presentations, coming soon! *yikes*

Final Excersize: Harajuku (Takeshita St. and Omotesando)

password: nntfinal

This Album has pictures of Harajuku's most famous streets.

"Takeshita Street" and "Omotesando"

I took pictures and questionaires and would like to present the results of compare and contrast for both streets, and what people think about it.

In addition, I will bring in my first excersize as another subject, and argue about why Asakusa Nakamise Street is also a traditional street in Japan, but why it is so unpopular to the youths in Japan. Vice versa.

I hope you enjoy my presention in class.

Osaka No.2 & Nagoya

I forgot to upload a picture of an Okonomiyaki. (seen as below)

I also went to Nagoya that time, and ate "Miso-Nikomi-Udon" (Nagoya's Traditional Noodles) and "Nagoya-Kochin-Tebasaki" (Nagoya is famous for "Nagoya Kochin Chiken" and these are the chicken wings.)

It's really delicious, so I would definately recommend them to you★


This is a picture of a Japanese traditional sweet.
It is called Taiyaki, and it is shaped as a fish called "Tai" in Japanese.
"Yaki" means bake, therefore "Tai"-"Yaki" means "baked fish".

However, the inside has nothing to do with marine food.
Traditionally the outside is made out of a thin layer of sponge, and inside it is red bean paste. Which is called "anko" and loved in Japan.

However, even if I am a Japanese, I despise anko... so I never had the chance of eating this delicacy.

But, I found a Taiyaki shop which sells Taiyaki not only with anko, but also with custard.

Therefore, it was my first time to eat this Japanese traditional sweet.

Maybe you could try it sometime. Its is around 100~200Yen for one Taiyaki.


I went to Osaka this semester.
Some of you may be interested in Osaka.
So, I will upload three private pictures.
I'm planning to go there again next month(May).

Osaka is famous for Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki(food).
Dotonbori, is a street where you can try all these traditional food.
The picture besides the "Universal Studio (JPN)" is a famous spot in Dotonbori.

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms are one of Japan's traditional flowers.
They bloom in this time of year, and are very beautiful.
However, they become to leaves after a week of their blooming.

I happened to take pictures of this process, and would like to share it with everyone of you.

I hope you enjoy one of Japan's beauty.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

2nd Excersize: Places you stop by around TUJ

This is the Seven Eleven convinience store, I always drop by when I go to TUJ.

This is the Post Office just infront of TUJ, where I always go and send my letters to my friends or pay my bills for concert tickets!! Some how when I pay my bills from this Post office my ticket no. for the concert is quite good!! Maybe, you should try as well!

This is a stall where they sell "Oden". Whis is a tradition Japanese dish, which my mother refers to as... "Hot Pot"... if you know what she means.

This is a bakery which I stop by. I usually don't buy much from here, but somehow I like the atmosphere and before I know it... my foot walks to the store and I'm roaming around in the bakery looking at delicious bread!

Buitoni... many of you might know this word!! This is a famous brand for PASTA! ...and there is a Pasta Restaurant Bar near TUJ. My friends and I usually go here and eat tasty (reasonable) pasta for lunch! You should try it!

This is a picture of "Azabujuban Station", I use this station normally when going home... because there are many places to stop by, after school with my friends!

So I hope after looking at this blog, you would feel more familiar with places around TUJ. If there is a chance of you coming here, maybe you can stop by these places, because it isn't very hard to find!

Study Questions: "The Lives of Foreign Students in Tokyo" By Claudianna Blanco

Discussion Questions: Screenings-Friday, January 13th

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Journal No.5

I wonder if anyone remembers but, today is the due date for the second excersize.
.... as you can see, I haven't had time to post it up.
However, I've got the media with me... well its at my home... and I'm in school at the moment.
Therefore, I'll post it up when I get home today... which will probably be late at night; because I have work in the evening.

I hope I could post it up before the date turns to the 25th.

About the 2nd excersize... apparently we were suppose to list 5 places of where we stop by after school.
Then give the list to someone else in the class, and actually go to that place and take photos of videos of it, and present it.

From what I suppose.... I do not think that the list is getting handed out.
Therefore, i thought I should just take pictures of where "I" stop by after school, near TUJ.
*To tell you the truth because my house is far from school, I harldy stop by any where. I just head straight home*

But, I do go to some places for spcial occassion. So, I took some pictures of it.

In addition, I will be posting the study questions handed out in class as well.

Well... wish me luck, and wish you luck as well!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Journal No.4

At the moment I'm at home trying to finish the editing of podcast.
For my other course. While I'm waiting for it to export and import,
thought that I should blog a bit!

Tommorow, it seems like our class is going to a field trip.
Not somewhere far! Just to a museum near by!
It's been a year or so, since I've been to these kinds of places!

I've also realized that I don't have that much time left for my second excersize!
It's dued in on the 23rd! I can't possibly wait for someone to give me their list,
of where they go after school etc.
So, thought of trakcing myself on my way home, or where I stop at before going home!

You see, I have work practically everyday... therefore I have to use my time well.
Or else, I won't be able to do anything!
Thats why I'm always in lack of sleep **yikes**

Well, hope I can put my 2nd excersize up by next week!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Journal No.3

So, I have uploaded all the study questions handed out in class.
At the moment, I am working on my 2nd excersize, and the extra excersize Ron gave out.

However, I still haven't decided on what type of media I should use to present my works.

...but I'll probably be able to upload both pieces before April**

Just need more time to sort thing out.

In addition, I need the weather in Tokyo to be fine!!!

It's pouring or cloudy here these day, and I can't take pictures because all the umbrellas get in the way and the picture looks too dark!!!!

So, I need to wait for the weather as well*sigh*

Well, wish everyone luck with their excersizes!

Study Questions: Tarnation

Study Questions: "Postcards", by Mark Rappaport

Study Questions: Reading: Japan: A Description

Monday, February 20, 2006

Journal No.2

At last, I finished putting up my 1st project on this blog!!*yea*
It took me 4 hours to do all this!
From renting an album, loading pictures, writing comments on almost all the pictures, to editing my blog etc.

However, looking at the result, I'm quite satisfied with my assignment.

Though I thought I was over with one just had to come.


The next one is to recreate my solid memory by using media.
I have 3 ideas and I'm just wondering which would be the best to do.

I hope I can post my 2nd excersize up on my blog, by next week!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

1st Excersize: Nakamise Street, Asakusa, Tokyo, JAPAN

This would be my 1st Excersize.
I focused on a traditional street, called Nakamise Street located in Asakusa, Tokyo.
The reason why I chose this place for this excersize, was because I thought that it would be nice to do a historical and traditional place in Tokyo.
In addition, this place would prefectly relate to my final project which I have already planned out.
I hope you will get to know Senso-ji Temple, Nakamise Street and Asakusa more, after you have looked at my project.

However, before you click my button to my 1st excersize... I thought that it would be best to introduce you to Asakusa. So please read the article below.

Kaminari-Mon (Thunder Gate)

Kaminari-Mon (Thunder Gate) The Resurrected GateThis gate is the main entrance of Senso-ji temple.

First, it was built in 942 A.D. several hundreds meters to the south. In Kamakura period (1192-1333) the gate was moved to it's present location. In the Edo period (1603-1867) it was destroyed by fire 3 times.

For a long time, a simple makeshift gate stood there, which pelple referred to as 'Kaminari-Gate'.

Konosuke Matsushita, the founder of Panasonic co., recovered from a sickness by praying in Senso-ji temple. Then he built the new gate as a token of gratitude in 1960.

The proper name of the gate is 'Fujin Raijin Gate' because the God of wind (Fujin) and the God of thunder (Raijin) are enshrined in it.

*All extracted from the link below*

ASAKUSA guide←Click here to go to the site for Asakusa Guidance

Now...that I believe you have read this blog from top to bottom...I will give you my password to my album for my 1st excersize.

PW: nntmeg1stx